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Sephora is a store of all cosmetics from around the world and is founded in 1969. It has its own private label, along with this, It also offers many beauty products of about 300 brands ( NARS Cosmetics, Make Up For Ever and etc).These products include Makeup, skincare, body, fragrance, nail color haircare.

Sephora launched its first branch in Paris, in 1969. Its logo contains S-shaped flame of white color on black background.In 2015 it launched a subscription service called “Play! By Sephora”. This is the monthly subscription service and it offers boxes that contain sample size products for a monthly fee. Check out the Sephora return policy from the below-given procedure.

Sephora’s Return Policy, Exchange – Cancellations & Refunds

Are you dissatisfied with any product of SEPHORA?. No problem. Here is the detailed information regarding the return or exchange policies of Sephora. Go through the following information.

Sephora's Return Policy, Exchange – Cancellations & Refunds

Sephora’s Return Policy, Exchange – Cancellations & Refunds

Returns to Store:

if you want to return your purchase to Sephora by mail and they receive the item within 60 days of purchase, you will get the full refund. if the payment is done with credit or debit card, you will get the full refund to your credit or debit card. If the payment is with PayPal, then you will get the refund to your PayPal account.

And if they receive the item by mail within 61-90 days of purchase, and if the payment was with a Sephora gift card/ online store credit/ PayPal account, you will get the full refund in the form of online store credit. you can redeem this at Sephora.

If you want to return the Sephora product to store, you will get the full refund to your credit or debit card, only if you returned the item within 60 days of purchase.After 90 days from the purchase date, Sephora will not accept the returns.

Sephora won’t allow the exchanges by mail.

Returning an Item:

Check out Return Policy – You can return the item in either of the following ways.

1. Returns by Mail

For this, you need to fill the return form attached to the order summary and send it along with the purchased item. If possible, keep the product in the manufacturer’s product box and Sephora packaging while returning an item. So that it will be easy for them to track the details. Or else you can pack the item in secured envelope or box to prevent the damages during transport.
Take a Print of the Prepaid Return Label from sephora offical website portal and mail it via United States Postal Service.your return will be processed and You will get a confirmation mail.

Note: Sephora doesn’t allow the mail returns of an in-store purchased item.

Returning an item bought in Sephora store (return policy) needs a valid government issued photo ID that has to be swiped, scanned at the time of the return.

2. Sephora Returns to Store Locations- within 60 days:

Take your Order Summary and Return Form to the store. If the payment is with the JCPenney credit card, you will get store credit or an exchange. To get the full refund on your JCPenney card, return the item to a Sephora inside JCPenney store.

If you paid with PayPal account for the Sephora item, Sephora stores won’t refund your money to your PayPal account. instead, you will get the refund in the form of gift card, store credit or an exchange.

Gift Returns:

‌You can return Sephora gift that you received by mail. If you don’t want the refund to be made to the purchaser, you can give your details by calling customer care. ‌fill out the online return form and mail the package. The refund will be in the form of store credit which has no expiry date. You can redeem it through online purchase.